“Waiting For The Locksmith”, a stop motion film

“Waiting for the Locksmith”, a stop motion film by Zack T. Bruce. Created using found objects from the streets of New York City and Paris, France. Shot on iPhone 7+ and edited on Stop Motion Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, and…

"Waiting For The Locksmith", a stop motion film



“Waiting for the Locksmith”, a stop motion film by Zack T. Bruce.

Created using found objects from the streets of New York City and Paris, France. Shot on iPhone 7+ and edited on Stop Motion Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Aftereffects.

Music: “Sam Fox Moving Picture Music Volume 1” by J.S. Zamecnik

SoundFX from freesound.org:
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chain by nettimato — https://freesound.org/s/387240/

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