the Orbio: dome tiny house w/ immersive curved video wall: for high FOV gaming, action video etc...

the Orbio: dome tiny house w/ immersive curved video wall: for high FOV gaming, action video etc…

Introducing the Orbio …an input/output orb.
It’s not wearable tech… it’s livable.
A new strategic choice in the trend of smaller more personal spaces
integrating the strength and energy efficiency of the dome
with technology and the dome’s curved wall to offer immersive input output.
…for work, play or habitation ~ for mobile to secure installations…
At 160 square feet the Orbio can be a tiny house, starter home, drop hotel, glamper, backyard simulator or office or one of many other concepts.
The prototype model is shown with: a galley kitchen, shower bath, large closet, sleeping loft, LED lighting and a 140 degree curved video wall.
The windows and doors are all together so they can face south for maximum solar
value, or can be opened to achieve the widest bandwidth with the natural world.
It’s like a having a flight simulator or gaming rig with a bathroom, appliances & a bed…
like a giant goggle, or rift-raft where several people can chill in the VR world.
Each media and equipment category is experiencing an expansion of field-of-view options.
Don’t just picture action ~ also think of ambient, atmospheric and relaxing background images & live wallpaper from space to nature, cities, landscapes, underwater etc…
The Orbio owner can have their device fully on or off grid, or decide for each individual option.
Finish yourself from a ‘barebones’ kit starting at $39k.
Order a fully finished Orbio for $59k – $99k.
These rough estimates include video equipment & typical delivery within North America.
See our website and contact us for more details.

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