The F——-Word!!!

The F——-Word!!!

⚠️ WARNING: THE F—— WORD!!!! ⚠️

It’s the people who are closest to us that can be most resistant when it comes to you making changes in your nutrition and eating habits.

This is due to the likelihood that if YOU change, then something in their life or routine is likely to change also. Learning how to deal with this situation is key for long term sustainable progress.


1) If you haven’t already, HAVE the conversation with your spouse – what is your why? Explain WHAT is going to happen over the next few weeks and what the benefits are for both you AND them

2) Re-assure them that this is to benefit both you AND your family

3) Continue to have these conversations intermittently with your spouse to ensure they continue to be supportive of your lifestyle change

4) Had this conversation with your family already? Comment below on how it went!

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