People Vs Media: Social Media

People Vs Media: Social Media

Video highlights (condensed for social media posting limits) from an installment of Warm Cookies of the Revolution’s 2019 semi-monthly event series “Own This City”. Social Media “trial” ended with hung jury.

Our “People Vs ____” program has put many things we take for granted on trial including: God, retirement, having children, capitalism, masculinity, education, and more and this month we’ll transform the McNichols building into a courtroom with prosecution and defense experts putting all aspects of “media” on trial.

Social Media: Does it provide anything useful or just suck our time away? Does clicking “like” or “share” replace action for change? Is clickbait a business model with any merit? Why give a platform for your jerk Uncle Doug’s “hot take” on everything?

And YOU are the jury.

Featuring “Lawyers”: Anthony Grimes of ReactiveOps & Wadi Muhaisen of Muhaisen and Muhaisen Lawyers

/ 5.

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