Martin Garrix & Mesto ft. Ayumi Hamasaki & Verbal – Merry-Go-Wiee (TeijiWTF Mashup)

↓LINKS BELOW↓ “Martin Garrix & Mesto ft. Ayumi Hamasaki & VERBAL – Merry-Go-Wiee (TeijiWTF Mashup)” Hi guys! Yes, I’m obsessed with Ayu again, sorry! xD But Martin Garrix is one of my favorite producers, and he’s one of the best…



“Martin Garrix & Mesto ft. Ayumi Hamasaki & VERBAL – Merry-Go-Wiee (TeijiWTF Mashup)”

Hi guys!

Yes, I’m obsessed with Ayu again, sorry! xD But Martin Garrix is one of my favorite producers, and he’s one of the best DJs in the world. I attended to his show some years ago in my country, and it was magic! I love him! So this mashup is very special for me, because I’m mixing my favorite producer with my favorite singer! It’s like a fake dream becoming true! xD

I love it, because I could extract Ayu’s acapella thanks to her official instrumental, and Martin’s track is originally instrumental, so it’s perfect!!
And not only that, this Ayu’s song is originally in an EDM style, so her vocals and this instrumental track come together!

Well, to fit Ayu’s pitch to Martin’s instrumental, I had two options, highpitched and lowpitched versions (done by me with the plugin Edison), so depending on her original vocal range, I highpitched it or lowpitched it.
For example, I started with highpitched version (because she sings with a lower register) until Verbal starts rapping (I leaved his voice just like that, btb). Verbal’s verse is too long for the pre-drop, so I cut it, and left his “Merry-Go-Round” for the fill, which fits perfectly.

I repeated his “Merry Go Round” for the rest of the fills in the track.

Now I chose the lowpitched version for the minute 1:43, because highpitched version sounds too much high.
I had problems with this part, because it sounded too much unclean in some parts, so I did another version with Newtone (another plugin I used to use before), and it finally sounded fine! 

After the following Ayu’s verse (2:03), I ended this part (2:32) with the part when she sings “Yuuki sa” in lowpitched version.
In the original song, she sings it during a long time, and finally her voice is gradually highpitched by the producer along with the original predrop.

In this case, I found it too boring, so I tried to make my own melody with her voice (using Newtone), and I think it sounds great! Because it seems like perfectly blended with Martin’s track.

While this part is being played, Verbal starts to rap (2:40), just like in the original Ayu’s song, and after that, drop starts!

Before ending this track, I added another Ayu’s verse on minute 3:18, and when it ends, I left a delay effect on her voice, and I think it sounds nice for it! 

As a final detail, I added another little word she sings at the end, singing “Egao de” which means “With a sunrise”, and that’s why she ends smiling in the video… I loved that!
Volume was turned down a little bit for this part and I also added a reversed reverb before it.

And that’s it about the music!

About the video, I had a lot of problems finding and dealing with these music videos, because this song has two different versions of music video, the main one (TV version) and “Appearance by VERBAL ver.” (Which is the included version in the official DVD).

Short versions of the official music videos were uploaded in 720p on Ayu’s YouTube channel, and I love full high quality, so I was “fighting” for getting the best quality as possible.

I found the original Blu-Ray version of Verbal version on AHS (Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai) in this thread:
But I had problems while editing the video, because it was in .m2ts format and it couldn’t be well played, because some weird lines appeared between some frames. I explained it on this thread an people helped me, they’re so nice!:

Then I found TV version (here:, although its duration was shorter than expected and it has credit texts during all the video, but I resolved it just zooming it until texts don’t appear.

As I’ve said, its duration was shorter than expected, so I used a third video of TV version (for fill the empty parts), which was in 720p and subtitled. I couldn’t do anything else, so I just zoomed it until subtitles didn’t appear and that’s it, I’m sorry for the bad quality at that part (minute 3:20).

I hope you like it! 🙂

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