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Learn More: Hello Kickstarter Supporters! My name is Tristan David Luciotti. I’m an award-winning filmmaker and writer. I’ve launched one other Kickstarter project previous to this one. We raised 3x more than what we originally asked for and delivered…


Learn More:

Hello Kickstarter Supporters! My name is Tristan David Luciotti. I’m an award-winning filmmaker and writer. I’ve launched one other Kickstarter project previous to this one. We raised 3x more than what we originally asked for and delivered an award-winning documentary called All Around Us.

I learned a lot from that first campaign. One big part of that is really knowing your timeline for both the project and the delivery of the rewards. The film took longer than expected to complete, so the DVD reward took longer to deliver. This time, I have it nailed down.
I have always been a passionate video game fan. After playing Life is Strange by DONTNOD ENTERTAINMENT, I realized that I was able to emotionally connect on a deeper level compared to films and TV shows. I was in control of the character and made decisions for that character. That began my obsession with understanding what it takes to develop a game that told a story. A great story.

I decided in the Spring of 2019 to venture into the world of making video games and started Shaka Brah! Games. The mascot is actually my 10-year-old chihuahua named Glitter. “Shaka Brah!” is part of a line said by the character Max Caulfield in Life is Strange so that was my “nod” to DONTNOD. (pun intended)

My first game was more of a test. It is a mobile-only game called Skyler Rides Sedona. It’s a multi-level motorcycle game that involves a bit of strategy and skill. This game was first released on Android in Winter of 2019 and will release on Apple in Late July of 2020. The game developer and game designer for this game are not the same as The Haunting of Flavel House.

With this game, I wanted to understand everything that was involved in launching a successful game – from target audiences to genre, to marketing and beyond. It was important for me to have a trial-and-error process with a smaller game prior to finalizing and releasing the BIG game.

I finished the script for The Haunting of Flavel House in June of 2019. During the production of All Around Us, I became quite educated in haunted places and spirits that dwell there. I was able to film paranormal investigations allowing me a real perspective to create my game.

The game is set at the Flavel House in Astoria, OR. I used the home belonging to Harry Flavel which you can visit. The original name I used was “Flavin” until I was given permission by the Clatsop County Historical Society to use the name “Flavel.” That was an exciting day!

This is a first-person game and you play as David Castillo, a paranormal investigator that wakes up in the basement of the Flavel house. At first, amnesia is present and he cannot remember who he is or where he is at. It is not until he finds a tragic scene and listens to an eerie recorded message that he remembers it all again.

An interesting part of this game is that you only see David two times. You see his reflection in a mirror in the basement and then at the very end of the game.

The visual and technical gameplay of the character is very similar to the style in the game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard that was released in 2017 by Capcom.

While The Haunting of Flavel House fits in the genre of “horror” games, it leans towards a psychological thriller.

The Haunting of Flavel House has 5 levels.

Level 1: The Basement
Level 2: The Library
Level 3: Henry’s Bedroom
Level 4: The Kitchen
Level 5: The Family Room
You must navigate David through each level and find objects and clues prior to escaping from each room. What you soon realize is that David is not alone. The house is indeed haunted and the spirits of Grandma Rose, Henry Flavel, Captain Flavel, Elizabeth Flavel, and Uncle Jack still reside there.

One cool feature is the ability to record EVP sessions. EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena and paranormal investigators use these recorders to ask questions and then upon playback, the recorder sometimes will pick up the voice of a spirit.

Each level has its own set of challenges, but in level 1 you are able to learn the controls and get a feel of playing the game. Your flashlight does have limited battery life, so use it sparingly. You will not find batteries until level 2. We have to make it challenging, right?

The best part? It’s a story. You will follow along with the story and have a chance to make decisions for your character while uncovering a buried secret from almost 100 years ago. There are some twists and turns to keep you guessing. Level 5 is the ultimate level. Once you get there, be ready for your head to spin!

This game will release on PC, MAC, Steam, Android, and iOS.

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