Iron Duke animation action-comedy promo

Iron Duke animation action-comedy promo

Two private detectives with completely different tempers and work methods are forced to join forces in order to find their long missing relative at the order of an aristocratic family – some evidence that he might be alive appeared.
Going through dislike and confrontation, the private detectives begin to understand that there are suspiciously many mysteries and apparent coincidences in this case, and the customers are pursuing some interests of their own. The stakes are getting higher as the outcome is getting close! In the end, in order to save the world, the colleagues are forced to stand against the mysterious cult, and the vicious mercenaries of the missing one, and the whole army of tabourets.

Oh, right, we forgot to get things straight – in fact, the half of the characters have some unexpected items instead of their heads, so tabourets-assassins will not seem something way out of the ordinary to you

/ 5.

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