Showreel 2020

The Latest films i’ve made mixed with some older classics. Shortfilms, Advertisings, events or a productvideo made with recent gear and a big potion of love. Most productions were made in south Germany, some around Europe and even one in…

HELLFEST 2020 – Making of

HELLFEST OPEN AIR 2020 BEYOND THIS WORLD Directed by : Mathieu R Production : CLACK Artistic Director Hellfest Productions : Thomas Boutet Producer : Valentin Beauvineau Line production : Emile Lavoie, Martine aimait les films VFX : Olivier Masson Musique…

LSFF 2020 – Andrew Krakower

An interview with Andrew Krakower about his film Yarne, available in the Tongues of Betrayal: Narrative Short Films program, http://vimeo.com/ondemand/literallyshort Thanks for viewing!

MJFF 2020 Trailer

The largest Jewish film program in the world will be celebrated at the 23rd Annual Miami Jewish Film Festival from January 9-23, 2020, premiering an unprecedented 107 films from 25 countries, and hosting more than 50 filmmakers and special guests.…

moers festival LIVE 31_05_2020 – ARTE Concert_Lumisokea

Lumisokea Zwei fantastische Elektroniker, wie sie unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten, fusionieren zu einem dichtgewebten, pulsierenden, mitreißenden Klangstrom. Koenraad Ecker verschmelzt feine Feedbacks, ungewöhnliche Sounds und sensibel eingesetzte Textpassagen, Andrea Taeggi betont die Rhythmik, die er selbst in Knack- und Rauschgeräuschen…

Screening 43 Recap

Screening 43 taught us the drawbacks, and occasional rewards, of submitting to temptation. Enjoy this recap of “Micro & Macro, Desire and Longing,” knowing that no action ever goes without consequence. #animation #animationnights #animnightsny #anny #independent #film #festival #incompetition #newyork

Official TRAILER – On The President’s Orders

Official TRAILER – On The President’s Orders The searing story of President Duterte’s bloody campaign against drug dealers and addicts in the Philippines, told with unprecedented and intimate access to both sides of the war – the Manila police, and…


[2007, 05.44′ , Classik-Cut Out Animation] Animation : Denizcan Yüzgül Script : Denizcan Yüzgül Editing : Denizcan Yüzgül Orginal Music : Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç Sound Fx & Design: Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç Producer : Film School Zlin