Distracted Driving-Nequan Frank

Distracted Driving-Nequan Frank

Manuscript: topic+intro
Hello my beautiful people my name is Nequan Frank and we will be discussing Distracted Driving.

Reset mindset for engagement:
Think about 3 things you cnonsider to be distracted driving and hold on to those

To understand what distracted driving is we look towards DMV.org which states distracted driving means not fully paying atention to the road. According to Florida highway saftey and motor vehicles We have 3 categories to work with.
— Visual meaning taking your eyes off the road
— Manual Taking your hands off the wheel
–Cognitive Thiniking about ANYTHING other than Driving.

Note texting requires all three of these to violate

Whats the reality ??
according to AAA Distracted driving was a major contributor to crashes accounting for 4000 crashes

according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. 9 people in the U.S. are killed each day as a result of crashes involving a distracted driver,

— teen safe It takes only 3 seconds after a driver’s attention has been diverted from the road for a crash to occur.
Schwartzapfel Law states

Driver inattention or distraction was listed as a factor in 19.1 percent of all crashes in New York in 2014. The same year, distraction was a factor in 10.4 percent of all fatal crashes. Distraction contributed to almost a quarter of crashes which resulted in personal injury.

in NY alone Distraction was a factor in 24.9 percent of collisions with pedestrians in 2014 and contributed to 47 of the 269 fatal collisions.

Refocus stats are boring
Earlier you were asked to think of 3 things that you consider to be distracted driving

How many of the following do you do in a tripdriving one direction

Obvious texting
changing music
Checking your GPS or map.
applying make up and combing beards
Securing pets
CHildren in the back seat doing what they do best

How can we fix this (Solution)

Avoid intense, complicated or emotional conversations when driving.
Program your GPS prior to starting your trip.
Allow plenty of time for your trip.
Ask a passenger to place a call for you and, if possible, speak in your place.
Pull over to care for children.
Stop to eat or drink, rather than trying to eat or drink while driving.

How do Audience Benefit ?
Saftey for self, loved ones, other people
not having to “be that person” holding up the green light, driving super slow and swaying within the lane,
SAVE Money as its illegal in Florida according to Florida highway saftey and motor vehicles

Call to Action and close
implement solutions on next time you drive and note behavior and dont be afraid to call someone out on texting and driving

I give confidence
I know we can come together as nursing students and still save lives as we’re in our journeys

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