Cancer (Extended) Getting What You Need to Feel Right – August 19-26 2020

Cancer Weekly Tarot Reading for August 20-26 2020 “You Are Getting What You Need to Feel Right!” *Watch the first part of the reading on Youtube: We’re doing a General Reading for the week of August 20th – 26th…


Cancer Weekly Tarot Reading for August 20-26 2020 “You Are Getting What You Need to Feel Right!”
*Watch the first part of the reading on Youtube:

We’re doing a General Reading for the week of August 20th – 26th 2020. We’ll discuss the matter and the most likely outcome, given the energies present. Take Care, Cancer!!

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Our Purpose
In order for us to really manifest the “right” things in our lives that we desire, we first must be in the right energy, mind-body-spirit. Understanding that we are fluid in our nature, our bodies, our brains, our environments are all primarily water is vital to understanding our own nature. We must recognize that, like water, we also resonate sympathetically with sound and frequency in our bodies and environments. Everything in our world carries a measurable frequency, we can have a real understanding of how to effect change to this energy and in-turn attract the “right” things to our lives. Water is the conduit by which all physical and spiritual connect. This is not the Law of Attraction! It’s way better, because it makes sense in the real world. It is the basis for the Rules for Resonance. Through my content you’ll learn the principals and rules for the Rules for Resonance.

I use the Tarot to discover energies that may surround your Zodiac sign through out the week. The reading is not limited to this week. It’s a timeless reading for whenever you see it, and need to hear the message. As we discuss energies that emerge through your Tarot reading, I’ll share theories and concepts of my Rules for Resonance that will show you how to manage energies for happy satisfying outcomes, even in the most intense situations.

I welcome you to check-out my existing Rules for Resonance videos to learn more about managing your energies in a real world sense. Late August to September I will be releasing formal videos with the Principals and Rules for Resonance. Stay tuned for updates on those videos.

Everything on this channel is based on the concept that we are primarily water. I will be sharing a series of water-based content to help you to “get in the flow.” Be sure to stay tuned for updates on those videos, as well!

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*August Tarot Reading for Cancer
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