Best antivirus software for iPhone in 2021 📱 Mobile-friendly video

🧨 Protect your iPhone NOW | Get a discount 🧨 ✅ NORTON – we have a DEAL ➡️ ✅ TOTALAV – we have a DEAL ➡️ If you own an iPhone or iPad, you might know that iOS…

Best antivirus software for iPhone in 2021 📱  Mobile-friendly video



🧨 Protect your iPhone NOW | Get a discount 🧨
✅ NORTON – we have a DEAL ➡️
✅ TOTALAV – we have a DEAL ➡️

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you might know that iOS is one of the most secure mainstream operating systems on the market, rivaled only by Linux. Despite this, viruses and malware for iOS do exist. Fortunately, so do antivirus apps!

In this video, you’ll find the very best antivirus for iPhone and iPad. Keep in mind that these apps aren’t just virus scanners. They offer lots of useful features that will help you stay safe online, from public wifi protection to integrated VPNs.

1️⃣ Norton 360 antivirus – best against phishing
This antivirus filters all the mail you receive, checking links in there against a database of known scammer links. It also keeps an eye on websites you visit, it pointed me to a couple of sketchy links when I was using it. And of course, if your login info from one of the websites does get stolen by a phishing attempt, it will detect it, notify you and urge you to change your password. And it has a VPN built-in. A small benefit, but it’s nice.

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2️⃣ TotalAV antivirus – for protection and management
TotalAV is equipped with a data breach checker, just like Norton, it can also locate a stolen or lost phone and it manages your battery, optimizing data consumption from unused apps left in the background. This feature is my personal favorite. And that’s – for free. Paid version includes a WebShield feature and Private Connection VPN. VPN is self-explanatory, but WebShield is a feature that keeps an eye on your files, websites and connections in search of any malevolent activity, from viruses to phishing attempts.

One downside to this app is that it can sometimes give false positive results, basically crying “Wolf” when there’s none. A mild disturbance, at best.

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3️⃣ McAfee – for dealing with malware
McAfee on iPhone is surprisingly close to being the best iPhone antivirus 2021. It has a constantly active protection against online threats, it protects your device from third-party access when you use untrustworthy Wi-Fi connections and it can locate your device when it’s stolen! Nobody stole mine, but it did help me find it under my couch once, so that’s nice.It has a free version too, but the premium plan grants you an unlimited VPN that you might want to have.

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4️⃣ Avira – lightweight and feature-packed
Avira is somehow little different from other antiviruses I’ve tried.

It goes against Apple, believe it or not, by preventing your Siri logs from getting sent to Apple. That’s right, not even Apple knows what you do out there. Love that, that’s what best iPhone security looks like.It also has plenty of small benefits, such as automatic update for your software, a feature that creates backup of your files and a recovery tool in case your iOS device gets lost or stolen. There’s also a VPN, but it’s only 100 Mb a day, so I won’t be too happy about it.Cons? Once again – false positives and let’s be real – that VPN is pretty underwhelming at 100 Mb per day.

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5️⃣ Bitdefender – a versatile all-rounder
Bitdefender has a data breach check feature, a live protection against malware and an online threats scanner. I never have to think about how to remove malware from iPhone – Bitdefender does it for me, and will do it for you as well. There’s also a VPN – a whole 200 Mb per day, twice more than Avira and yet somehow still disappointing. Bitdefender on the iPhone is actually very decent, but not perfect. It has good features, reports no false positives, but there’s nothing exciting about it, free and paid version alike. And it’s also quite expensive, so there’s that.

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00:00 intro
00:50 Do you need an antivirus for iOS?
01:29 Norton for iPhone
02:14 TotalAV for iPhone
03:09 McAfee for iPhone
04:08 Avira for iPhone
04:56 Bitdefender for iPhone
05:42 Risks of some free security apps
06:24 Final thoughts

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